About us - Members


EDU organization was founded on 9th of November, 2006 in Bratislava. Founding members of EDU are young and ambitious people with potential and wiliingness to fulfill all set objectives. The mission of EDU is a continuous effort to provide help where it is needed, especially in areas related to educational activities and problem solving activities of national minorities living in Slovakia.



Newport Foundation for Development

Newport Foundation for Development was founded on 15th of July, 2010 in Bratislava. The organization deals with social, economic and ecological challanges. Activities of NFFD are often of a cross-border nature.



Hrvatski kulturni savez u Slovačkoj – Croatian Cultural Association in Slovakia (CCA)

Croatian Cultural Association in Slovakia is the national body of Croatian national minority in Slovakia. CCA was founded on 26th of May, 1990 as a decision of founding congress where all Croats living in former Czechoslovakia were present. CCA was created on basis of common initiative of partial Croation cultural ortganizations in Čunovo, Devínska Nová Ves, Jarovce and Chorvátsky Grob.



Hrvatsko Kulturno Družstvo u Gradišću (HKD) – Kroatischer Kulturverein im Burgenland

Activities of Croatian Cultural Association in Burgenland are since its founding in 1929 very diverse. HKD strongly supports the local Croatian inhabitants and takes care of cultural traditions to keep alive. HKD provides the Croation national minority in Austria with overall care.