About us - EDI

Euroregion of Danubian Initiative is an association of legal persons with common interest established in 2011, which strives for promotion of coordinated efforts to achieve sustainable development in social an economic fields, as well as in the areas of environment, culture and processes to support the implementation of European intergration.

For the purpose to achieve the above-stated objectives, the individual members are about to coordinate their activities together and consider the following measures:

  1. protect, preserve and develop region culture in the field of architecture, archeology, folk art and history as an integral part of European culture. Support a cultural cooperation within the region and with other regions, to preserve a knowledge of a local character, multilingualism, recreate the traditions of nationalities living here, build up new opportunities for positive coexistence and tolerance in practice with respect to minority opinions and cultures;
  2. to guide an economic development of the region such a way that envisages the preservation of already existing economic, natural and human resources and their enhancement, and thus achieve such a level of added value that is similar to the level of added value in countries with developed market economy and the achieve increased development of the internal market;
  3. from the environmental point of view to protect and strive to preserve and maintain the natural heritage, to improve the environment, promote the rational and efficient use of natural resources with some prospect to the restoration, wise use of the land, preserve local cultures and traditional crafts.

Euroregion of Danubian Initiative has an ambition to become a key player in fulfilling the Danube strategy in Slovakia.

Director of EDI is Mr. Vladimír Pálfi, Mgr.


Purpose of Euroregions

The main objectives of the Euroregions in accordance with the European Charter of border and cross-regional cooperation include: